Understanding TN Visa by Using Morevisas Review

TN-Visa-by-Using-Morevisas-ReviewThis type of visa is for the professionals of Mexican and Canadian citizens, who would like to work in the US. You know this type of visa has no limits and it can be renewed indefinitely. Ensure that, TN visa can be applied only by the citizens of Mexican and Canadians because this kind of visa is permitted by the NAFTA. Morevisas Reviews helps you to Understanding TN Visa.

The citizens of the Canadian need to apply for this visa with the help of the US embassy, they can directly apply at the entry port, whereas the citizens of Mexicans should apply for a visa at the US embassy. Dependent children under 21 and spouses are qualified to apply for the TD visas.

Morevisas review can help you to know How to obtain the TN Visa?

  • Search a US Job with a Fixed term

If you want to apply or the TN visa, you should hold the letter which involves a start date and end date such that the contract may be 3 years, or less or the duration of the job. In case, if you handle the TN application process by yourself without taking the guidance of the US company, you can request the company to involve the offer letter by stating that you are only responsible for the application.

  • Confirm that you meet the particular needs or the TN job

You should examine that you are eligible for the Alternative Credentials or Minimum Education needs for the TN jobs for which you are planning to apply. Ensure that, for most of the TN jobs, you should have Licenciatura or Baccalaureate degree in the field which is relevant to the jobs, even though it needs 5 years of related work experience.

  • Decide that, if the occupation is acceptable for the TN job
  • Worker supporting documents

According to the  morevisas review, the supporting letter from the US company must explain 2 important things:-

Job Description- This means that letter must involve the detailed description of the job.

Company Description- The letter must explain the worker’s business, involving basic Financials, the number of workers and other related details.

Canadian Procedures to Submit application at the port, Entry

The citizens of Canadian should bring the application packet along with you and must tell the Custom and Border Protection Officer that you are applying in order to get admission in TN status. The Morevisas review suggests that the officer will examine the application and tells that you are admitted to the status or not. And you should pay some charge as the processing fee.

An Important thing about Mexican Visa Procedure by using less more visas complaints

Make an Appointment with the US Embassy

The citizens of the Mexicans can apply for a TN visa at the US embassy. It is suggested that the Mexican citizens should apply this kind of visa in Mexico service because the officers in those embassies are more knowledgeable of the TN visa procedures, rules, and regulations. You should pay the application fees in order to complete the application processes.

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